According to Google our site has 220,000 visitors a year. Many, as is the way with casual browsing, only stay a minute before going to find somewhere else to play. However over 85,000 of these people come back, becoming the valuable 'repeat readers' all websites look for.

Our daily Industry News and the monthly new Reviews all add to an online archive that is becoming a vaulable source of ideas and inspiration to designers and architects, hoteliers and decorators the world over. The result is over 80,000 reader visits coming to the site every month with over 2,500 of these coming daily, every day giving 450,000+ impressions a month.

Our Directory works with News and Reviews to showcase the suppliers and consultants in a constant online 'trade show' that receives around 30,000 searches for product every month. In signing up to use the Directory, browsers are asked whether they wish to receive Product Updates and New Product announcements (we send these weekly), and if they agree we then forward their names and email addresses every month to you for use in your own marketing campaigns.

With over 45% of registered users being architects or designers, and many of the rest being independent hoteliers or people with specifier or purchasing responsibility these names are the real gold an advertiser receives from the site, in addition to the enquiries received through the Directory page.

Please contact the office for more details on how to add your company to the Directory.


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