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News - 22nd Apr 2013

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Radisson Blu Mall of America’s Interiors Unveiled

Scandi and Scottish notes
Many Minnesotan families and businesses can trace their background to early settlers from Scandinavia, where the Radisson brand also has its roots. The historical Scandinavian design influence behind Blu can be traced back to Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The world famous Swan and Egg chairs were designed specifically for The Royal in 1959 and both have been used in Radisson Hotels throughout Europe. The tradition is continued in the Radisson Blu MOA, with a unique colourful version of the Swan chair within the boardroom.

The European influence extends to the ‘Gallery’, a concept first developed for Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago. In Minnesota this has been extended to incorporate other concepts beyond the wall mounted art pieces. Individually designed or specified pieces such as the Nest loungers and collection of individual, iconic designer chairs in a variety of vibrant red materials that surround a bespoke 40ft Krion table in the second floor gallery area, stand alone as unique, relevant and interesting objects.

A glimpse of the creative talent currently producing exciting work in Minnesota is available within the Gallery, where a mix of pieces procured locally are hung alongside a number by a surprising Scottish interloper, John Byrne. John Byrne hails from Paisley, another city with a mill at its heart but this time in Scotland. The somewhat oblique Minnesotan connection is pop star Prince who is, as most Americans will know, Minnesotan born and bred. The iconic symbol of Prince’s Paisley Park Records company was the Paisley pattern, named for where it was milled in Scotland. As Jim explains “John Byrne’s style is fairly unique but sits very well within the larger group of art pieces selected to showcase local talent. There was a distinctly Scottish flavour within the Carlson and Graven Images design teams working on both Aqua and MOA. Two of our key clients on Carlson’s side are true born Scotsmen now residing in Minnesota. We have had great fun working with them to establish the Radisson Blu brand in the States.”

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